Celebrate Captain Picard Day at the 2019 STARFLEET R3 Summit

Join Texas and Louisiana members of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association June 7-9, 2019 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the annual Region 3 Summit. This three-day event celebrates the community of Star Trek fans built by Gene Roddenberry over fifty years ago.

Trekkers (or Trekkies) in attendance will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in fellowship with fans of the TV show from all types of chapters and backgrounds; engage in personal development and chapter improvement workshops; discussion panels on various Star Trek themes; and help out two local charities: the USS KIDD and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. From the newest STARFLEET recruit to the experienced Admiral-there are endless opportunities to “Geaux Trek” at the R3 Summit for every attendee.

This year’s theme is “Captain Picard Day”! The R3 Summit staff will have a special focus on Captain Jean Luc Picard and actor Patrick Stewart. It is hosted by the USS CORSAIR with additional support from other Louisiana chapters of STARFLEET.

Note: The public is welcome at this event.

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Chapter Command Staff

The Command Staff leads the STARFLEET chapter and guides it on its mission. The Commanding and Executive Officer represent the chapter for votes on Regional policy and give guidance to the Regional Coordinator when requested. The Regional Summit will have a format that will compliment and show appreciation to these leaders!

The 2019 Region 3 Summit will have a “Leadership Track” to help Chapter Command Staff develop their personal and chapter leadership skills. There will be opportunities to network with Regional Staff and other CO’s. Share best practices with others, and come back to your own chapter with fresh ideas and re-energized!

Chapter Crew

The Region 3 Summit is one of the largest celebrations of the fun, friendship, and fellowship of being a part of STARFLEET and we want to see every chapter represented from admirals to recruits! 

In addition to the educational events, the Summit is a place to get to know and engage with STARFLEET members from all types of chapters. The 2019 Region 3 Summit will host more networking opportunities than ever before, including a Friday night out on the town (pub crawl!) to explore Downtown Baton Rouge with fellow STARFLEET members.


The Region 3 Summit will celebrate the contributions of the STARFLEET Marine Corps during their traditional Dress Mess and Muster. 

The Brigade Officer in Charge of the Third Brigade will be presiding over ceremonies recognizing the outstanding achievements of  Marine Strike Groups, Marine Expeditionary Units, and individual achievements within Third Brigade. There will be opportunities to earn new awards! This is a wonderful opportunity for STARFLEET Marines from all specialties to gather, share and reminisce.

General Public

The Region 3 Summit welcomes fellow Star Trek fans to its annual meeting of Louisiana and Texas STARFLEET chapters. Learn more about the organization and how you can be a part of the adventure!

There will be fun panels about Star Trek, a charity auction, and two costumed dinners. Go on a pub crawl with fellow Trekkers, or challenge them to a tea duel for a prize. Hear about what our chapters actually do in STARFLEET, and find out what we’re up to both on the international and local levels.